Friday, May 20, 2016

Vintage Meritus Fasion Mansion from the 1980's.

I found this fashion doll house in a charity shop and bought it thinking it might be a Sindy house. I soon found out it wasn't, and after many hours of searching finally managed to find out it is the Meritus Fashion mansion from about 1984. And the picture above is how it is supposed to be assembled, sadly mine is missing it's doors.

Meritus are a toy company that also made accessories for Barbie dolls in the 80's too. This house was sold by Sears featured in the "wishbook" catalogue in 1985. 

Here is a picture of the box, sadly I don't have it.

I made this video of it to help other people who may have one unassembled and want to know what it is supposed to look like. It also shows some of my Sindy collection as they fit it so well.

I will eventually be listing it on eBay too, as it's too big for me to keep.


Nichole said...

I have a similar house that also has the doors and two other banister pieces. I have been searching but haven't found much about the value of this item. If you don't mind could you share what you found with me?

Nichole said...

I have this house as well but have the sorts and extra balcony pieces as well. If you don't mind could you share the information you found as far as the value?

Unknown said...

It's difficult to value it as they seem to be so rare, but I wouldn't sell it for less than 40 pounds. And if yours has all the pieces I'd say it has to be worth 60 pounds or more at least.