Friday, April 29, 2005

The Cheshire Cat.

and here's a picture of the Cheshire cat on his own, to give you an idea of how tiny these dolls are. Posted by Hello

Alice in Wonderland Russian Dolls

These were handmade by a russian man and represent some of the characters in Alice in wonderland. They are handpainted with remarkable detail, and signed on the bottom of the outermost doll, I was surprised by how small they are, as Russian dolls are usually slightly larger, but their small size only adds to their beauty. Posted by Hello

Miss Belgium Rexard Doll.

This is another Rexard dolld of the world doll in her box, miss belgium. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Made a few changes.

I've changed the blog so there's only 7 posts displayed, so you have to go into the archives to see all my dolls. I've added a random surrealism generator at the bottom, for your amusement and I've had the site checked for evil, you'll be relieved to find the site is more good than evil.
I also have a couple of new dolls to add once I've photographed them, a set of handmade Alice in wonderland Russian dolls, and another boxed rexard doll .
There is now a link to a shallow pool dolls site ( I have a few in my collection) and a link to my other blog in the sidebar too.