Saturday, July 25, 2015

New photos of some old dolls that have been packed away.

I've had this doll since I was a child, I bought her at a school fete. after doing some research I found she dates from the 40's or 50's. 
Her body is stuffed with sawdust and her face is celluloid.
 I think she may be Polish as I have seen other pictures of very similar faced dolls that are. However these dolls have a stamp on them somewhere saying Polish, and this doll has none.

This doll was given to me years ago and I forgot I had her, her dress was very dirty so I gave it a wash and she looks really nice now. No markings on her to suggest who she was made by, but her dress style looks like she's probably from the 80's I'd guess.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Miss World Rexard Doll

This is another of the Rexard Miss world dolls I'm not sure which one as she came without the box, if anyone knows please let me know in a comment.

My 33 inch Furga Doll

I have loads of dolls I have now inherited since my dad no longer has an attic to keep them in, I'll be photographing them and adding more detailed photographs of some of the other dolls I've already added.

Didn't realise how few I actually had photographed and added to the blog there are loads so it should be quite busy round here again.

The doll I'm adding today was a Christmas present from childhood, she was as tall as me when I got her (she stands 33 inches) and it would have been around 1984 when I received her. The marking on the back of her neck says "Furga" and then in smaller writing "Italy". She seems to be quite rare too as I can't find any pictures or many references at all to a Furga doll of this size that must have been produced in the early 1980's.

Sadly she no longer has her original outfit, though I do remember she had black dungarees and a yellow top with a musical note on it there were also yellow plastic shoes. She has blinking eyes, and apparently was supposed to walk when you moved her arms, but she never really did very well as I recall. Her legs do kind of move forward when you move the arms now but it hardly looks like walking.

 I really love the detail in her face and think she's lovely now, but she gave me the creeps when I was a child so I hardly played with her. Perhaps this was a good thing as she's still in quite good condition. She has some faint pen marks and other dirt but I'm sure I'll find a way to clean them off.

She's actually wearing some of my old clothes from childhood and I could dress her in clothes for a three or four year old, I must find her a better outfit.