Friday, August 08, 2008

finished re-rooting Sindy.

I actually finished her a few days after the last post but have only just got round to posting the pictures.

I'm quite pleased with the result but if you are attempting to do a similar thing i.e make a doll that was blonde a brunette, I recommend painting her head a darker colour first. As the light colour of her scalp shows through the hair as you can see in this picture.

My next project will be the pedigree Sindy pictured below in the horse and cart who I will probably restore as a blonde as she is an older doll and it will be nice to restore her to how she used to look.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Started Re-Rooting Sindy.

My re-rooting kit arrived and I've started re-rooting the Sindy doll with black hair, It's a long process but it's starting to look good. I'm also waiting for some patterns to be delivered for clothes for Sindy sized dolls which will be good as I can dress her myself without buying old sindy clothes.

Here's a picture of the front which is nearly done.

And here's a picture of the back which I haven't finished yet.

It'll be a few more days before she's done but the black hair will look good with her lilac eyes I think.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Sindy

Really sorry about the lack of posts have just noticed I haven't posted here for more than a year I will try and make more effort posting generally about doll collecting, I haven't got any new dolls recently is the main reason for my lack of posts.

This is a Sindy I got last year but never got round to posting earlier, her hair needs re doing that's why I bought her I found some great Sindy sites that inspired me I intended to give her new hair but just never got round to it. is a great site with lots of information about Sindy Dolls and useful links, one of them is to the retro dolls site which specialises in the hair for re-rooting many dolls including sindys. I'm going to treat myself to their "complete re-rooting kit" and restore this dolls hair with it in Black, if I'm successful I may take it up as a hobby and start buying up old sindys and re-rooting their hair and making costumes for them, there are some amazing hair colours you can get bright pink and purple etc, you could make some crazy looking dolls. I'll post the results here as soon as I've re-rooted her, and I'll hopefully make a costume for her too.