Monday, December 05, 2005

Sorry about the lack of posts.

I have some new dolls to photograph and add when I get round to it most of my work goes into my other blog you'll find in my links.

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Cheshire Cat.

and here's a picture of the Cheshire cat on his own, to give you an idea of how tiny these dolls are. Posted by Hello

Alice in Wonderland Russian Dolls

These were handmade by a russian man and represent some of the characters in Alice in wonderland. They are handpainted with remarkable detail, and signed on the bottom of the outermost doll, I was surprised by how small they are, as Russian dolls are usually slightly larger, but their small size only adds to their beauty. Posted by Hello

Miss Belgium Rexard Doll.

This is another Rexard dolld of the world doll in her box, miss belgium. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Made a few changes.

I've changed the blog so there's only 7 posts displayed, so you have to go into the archives to see all my dolls. I've added a random surrealism generator at the bottom, for your amusement and I've had the site checked for evil, you'll be relieved to find the site is more good than evil.
I also have a couple of new dolls to add once I've photographed them, a set of handmade Alice in wonderland Russian dolls, and another boxed rexard doll .
There is now a link to a shallow pool dolls site ( I have a few in my collection) and a link to my other blog in the sidebar too.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Andy Warhol.

Here's an Andy Warhol collectors doll I got on ebay, he's never been taken out his box, and is numbered. I love his cambells soup T-shirt Posted by Hello

The Cream Maiden Shallowpool doll.

Here's The Dairy Maid, I love the bowl of cream she's holding.

I've just found out these dolls are called "shallowpool dolls" and there's a site detailing their origins, and the lady who maintains that site is going to add the "Isle Of Wight Series" to her site, I'm linking to it in my sidebar.

Sophie Dawes Shallowpool Doll.

This is Sophie Dawes, here's the card info about her.

"Sophie Dawes was the daughter of a poor Winkle picker of St Helens. After a rather "doubtful" early life she found her way to London where after further adventures, she married a french prince. Murder and intrigue followed until she was forced to return to England where she died, disgraced, in 1845.
The House where she lived in St.Helens can still be seen."
Posted by Hello

The Pirate Shallowpool Doll

Here's the Pirate, you can't see his sword, I'll try and sort these pics out. Posted by Hello

The Primrose Seller shallowpool Doll

Here's The Flower Girl, the photo's blurred so you can't see the Flower on her wrist, but it's there trust me. Posted by Hello

Queen Victoria Shallowpool Doll.

Here is a Doll representing young Queen Victoria, before her husband died she was a happy woman, and didn't just frump around Osbourne House smoking Opium and Cannabis. Posted by Hello

The Fisherman Shallow Pool Doll.

Here's the fisherman, on zoom they seem to blur a bit, his jumper says "Brading I.W" Posted by Hello

The smuggler Shallowpool doll.

Here's the smuggler, the Isle Of Wight is famous for it's smuggling history, you can still see the paths they used to walk up the cliffs in some places, particularly around Ventnor. Posted by Hello

Fanny Wheeler Shallowpool Doll.

This is Fanny Wheeler (yes my doll collection is rife with them it seems!) Here's the info on the card about her.

"Although it is known that many women in the past have have assisted their men folk in their smuggling activities, Fanny Wheeler of the west wight is the only woman who is reputed to have accompanied her fatherto France in an open boat to collect consignmentsof kegs of spirits during the early part of the last centuary."
Posted by Hello

The Wine Seller Shallowpool Doll

This is the wine seller, the two little bottles she's holding are really cute. Posted by Hello

Strawberry Girl Shallow Pool Doll.

This is my favourite of the lot, the strawberry girl, she has a little Basket which presumably she's on her way to fill with tiny strawberries. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New Arrivals.

This morning I recieved nine more dolls I purchased on EBay, three boxed Rexard dolls of the World Dolls, and the Fanny Fanta Spanish Dolls I've been waiting for. With a name like that I just had to have them.

The Fanny Dolls

These dolls were manufactured in Italy by Furga (they are mini Furga dolls) for the Fanta company, where Fanny is doubtless just a nice girls name! Both British and American people will find them funny for different reasons.

The dolls all came with their boxes shaped like cans, which fit into an outer box so it looks like a six pack. Posted by Hello

Rexard Dolls Of The World "Miss Hungary"

Rexard doll with box Posted by Hello

Rexard Dolls Of The World "Miss Jamaica"

Rexard Doll with box. Posted by Hello

Rexard Dolls Of The World "Miss Turkey"

A Rexard doll with the box, which is always a bonus. Posted by Hello

Gypsy Doll

found this doll in a charity shop and liked her, her face looks hand painted, and she's in a gypsy style I think. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

That's All For Now.

This is all the dolls I have in my flat, but I have my mothers doll collection at my dads house, which I will try and photograph and get on here. And I also have some dolls from ebay on the way I'll add a s soon as I get them.

Dolls Of The World - Brazil

Dolls Of The world Doll for Brazil, came with a magazine. Posted by Hello

Dolls Of The World -France

Dolls Of The World Doll for France Came with a magazine. Posted by Hello

Dolls Of The World Doll - Japan

Dolls of Thw World Doll Japan, this was the first of the set that came with a magazine I remember. Posted by Hello

Dolls Of The World - India

Dolls of the world doll for India, part of a collection that came with a magazine, which I alas never finished. Posted by Hello

Rexard Doll

Here's a rexard doll who sadly has lost a leg, but I like her face so am keeping her, I think she's probably from the seventies, and does still have her label, you just can't see it in this photo. Posted by Hello

Rexard Doll

This is a Rexard doll, still with label I like her face, and estimate she's from the seventies. Posted by Hello