Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Two New Vintage Dolls.

I found a pair of vintage dolls on my holidays, can anyone help identify either of them? The one with the speaker has a pull string and says phrases like "please brush my hair", "I have a pretty dress" and "I love you mummy" "please hold my hand" and she laughs. She talks a bit too fast, I know this can be fixed, but I kind of like it as she sounds really creepy lol. She just has a number on the back of her head so I think she is actually just a knock off of "Chatty Cathy" but if anyone knows more let me know. I have heard she was possibly called "Kirsty" and came with a blue and white dress, but still don't know her manufacturer.
The other one with the sandy blonde hair looks a little later and she has "palitoy" on the back of her neck so will probably be easier to identify.
I have quite a few vintage dolls dresses at home so I will hopefully have something that fits them so they won't be chilly, they came with no clothes at all.

Monday, November 28, 2016

New Ashton Drake Charlie and Ashley Doll Videos On My Youtube Channel.

Hello everyone, I've made a few more Youtube videos about my doll collection lately, and plan to upload more regularly now. So if you have a Youtube account and are interested in doll collecting I'd really appreciate if you could click through to Youtube subscribe to my channel and like a few of the videos. Comments are always appreciated too. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ashton Drake full bodied silicone doll charlie.

Got this doll today second hand,  unfortunately he has some discoloration to his legs and hands from his old clothes and damp. I am going to try a couple of things to correct this and I'll let you know how it goes. he is very realistic though and I got him for a good price. Just hope I can sort out his discoloration problems.

In a hand crocheted moses basket.
His box and certificate are comind tomorrow and I'll be making a video of him soon.

New collection of Ashton Drake Minature Babies

Unexpectedly got this collection of ten minature Ashton Drake dolls earlier today. getting their boxes and certificates tomorrow they are so cute, will make a video of them  soon too.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dylan The Porcelain Baby Doll I Gave Reborn Doll Jointed Body.

Dylan was a large porcelain baby doll I got from my neighbour. originally the doll was a girl but I decided to make it a he and name him Dylan after folk rock musician Bob Dylan. I wasn't happy with the body he had, as porcelain doll bodies are an odd shape and designed to wear loose clothing. I wanted him to have a more realistic shape and to be more poseable, so I got him a nicer jointed body. He looks much better now and can wear a wider variety of clothes. Now he just needs some new eyelashes and a better wig and he'll look even better.

Lydia My Zombie Reborn Doll.

I actually got my first monster Reborn doll a few months ago, she was made by reborn artist Bean Shanine from the Twisted Beanstalk Nursery. She is a newborn sized reborn doll (18 inches), and is weighted to feel like a real baby. I absolutely love her and she is the most expensive doll I own, see my Instagram account for many more pictures of her.

Rare Ethnic Zapf love me baby chou chou doll

In her original outfit

Another addition to my doll collection is this lovely and rare ethnic baby chou chou doll. When she has batteries in she makes baby noises and kicks her legs, as well as sucking on a dummy or bottle. I've only seen one other one listed on eBay for around forty pounds so i was lucky to get her it seems. I decidede to name her Billie after the blues singer Billie Holiday.

She's made by Zapf and is from around 2004.

Vintage 70s Palitoy Tiny Tears Doll

This is the vintage 70's Tiny Tears doll I got recently, she doesn't have her original outfit or any of her accessories unfortunately. l have however got a pattern to make clothes for her, so she will soon have a whole wardrobe to model i will be featuring in a YouTube video sometime soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Silver Cross lincoln/Country Classic Dolls Pram.

I got a new silver Cross Dolls Pram, I've updated the post with better pictures and have found out it is from the 90's. The pattern was known as Lincoln or country classic. I am trying find the baby sized version, but it is proving difficult to find it at a reasonable price and with people who will ship it on eBay.

Still trying to identify the plastic doll at the front in the picture of dolls being displayed in the pram, right at the bottom. I shall do a more detailed post about her in the future. She is very articulated and has no markings, if you recognise the doll please comment. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

New Additions To My Collection, Seymour Mann Vinyl Blonde Angel Doll by Doris Lee, And Wicker Dolls Pram.

I got her quite by chance from a local selling site for the wicker pram she came with, to display my porcelain dolls. She was listed as porcelain though she is actually vinyl.
It tuns out she seems to actually be quite rare as the company makes porcelain dolls normally and these vinyl dolls by them were only made for a short time. 
She came with her original dress which is very pretty, but not the trousers so you can see the soft bodied part of her legs. I have dressed her in this pink newborn baby grow for now. She is in the Baby Born Car seat in the photo she fits it well. She has jointed legs and arms and is meant to be displayed sitting and is 12" high when sitting.
She is very cute looking with good eyes and eye lashes, but her body is very stiff, and the cable ties used to put her head and limbs on are too wide and have sharp edges. I'm going to replace them with thinner ones, quite worrying since this doll was meant for children.

And here is the wicker Dolls pram displaying my two Alberon dolls Molly And Sally. 

I'll be taking better photo's of them all and making videos over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Etsy Shop

I've started making horror dolls out of old unwanted dolls, I recently goy huge joblot of dolls so I shall be very 
busy. some of the dolls I alter I sell from Etsy Shop Dark Fruit Enterprises there are currently 3 available. I've also started a blog for the shop Dark Fruit Dolls, be sure to check it out and follow my progress.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Vintage Meritus Fasion Mansion from the 1980's.

I found this fashion doll house in a charity shop and bought it thinking it might be a Sindy house. I soon found out it wasn't, and after many hours of searching finally managed to find out it is the Meritus Fashion mansion from about 1984. And the picture above is how it is supposed to be assembled, sadly mine is missing it's doors.

Meritus are a toy company that also made accessories for Barbie dolls in the 80's too. This house was sold by Sears featured in the "wishbook" catalogue in 1985. 

Here is a picture of the box, sadly I don't have it.

I made this video of it to help other people who may have one unassembled and want to know what it is supposed to look like. It also shows some of my Sindy collection as they fit it so well.

I will eventually be listing it on eBay too, as it's too big for me to keep.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zapf Baby Born Doll Collection

I've now started collecting Baby Born Dolls and other Zapf dolls, I've just got series 5 Baby Annabell's Brother Doll today who I'll be making videos of too. 

Check out the videos of my collection so far. And stay tuned for better quality videos now I have a better camera and editing software.

Masterpiece Doll Jillian And Furga Doll

Meet My new Masterpiece Doll, The Jillian sculpt who I have named Sandy, she is beautiful. The picture above is of her in her original dress. Check out the video below to see her in a new outfit, and my Furga doll finally on a stand.

Please don't forget to like the video and subscribe if you haven't already. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Check Out My Doll Collecting Youtube Channel.

I've started a youtube channel where I'm showing my doll collection, I'm waiting for a better camera I've ordered to arrive as the one I have is rubbish for detail. The format the videos record in don't work with my editing software and aren't HD to begin with so by the time the video gets to youtube it's hard to see any fine detail.

I've got all my dolls organised and accessible now and intend to do a new video about each type once I have the HD camera. You can see what I've recorded so far below, I have all my Doll collection videos in one playlist if you go and look at my channel. And please like the videos and subscribe if you have a youtube account.