Sunday, November 09, 2014

Three Porcelain dolls, Two By Alberon

These three porcelain dolls would now be considered vintage as they date from the 80's, I remember them being displaced in a glass cabinet at our house as a child. The Alberon ones still have their boxes and stands.

Stuffed Dolls From Thailand.

Can't believe it's been so long since I last updated this blog, people wondering what happened to my doll collection will be pleased to know I have just discovered many more dolls I've inherited from my mother. As well as all the old dolls from my childhood that were previously stored in my fathers attic.
The first I'm going to share are these hand made stuffed dolls from Thailand. I recall they were purchased during the 80's from the Greenpeace catalogue so will have been fair trade. The cards that come with each of them read:

Akha call themselves A-kha, ethnically the Akha belong to the Tibeto-Burman branch of the Sino-Tibetan linguistic family. They live in the northern Thailand at an altitude of approximately 1,000m. The Akha are shifting cultivators. They cultivate dry rice for consumption and grow corn, millet, peppers etc. As additional subsistence crops. The most enjoyable event of Akha is, the four day swinging ceremony, held during mid-Aug and. Mid-Sep

Lisu - The Lisu inhabit the mountainous hinterland of Northern Thailand. They grow rice corn and vegetables as subsistence crops practising shifting cultivation and they also grow opium for sale. The Lisu have no political leader at village level this differentiates them from other tribes. They are principally animists and ancestor - worshippers and their reputation as individualists makes them quite distinct.

Yao- The Yao or mien as they call themselves, can be found in Kwangsi and Kwangtung provinces of South China, and North Thailand. The Yao are practise shifting cultivation growing rice and corn. The Yao have adopted many characteristics of Chinese culture, for example they hold the new year celebration on the same day as the Chinese 

Sadly the card for one of the dolls seems to have been lost, but they have barely been taken of the packaging, and apart from that are in great condition. Can't wait until I have Suitable glass cabinet to display all these dolls in. The detail in the costume and faces is really lovely, there limbs do move so could have pictured them seated but decided to leave them standing.