Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ashton Drake full bodied silicone doll charlie.

Got this doll today second hand,  unfortunately he has some discoloration to his legs and hands from his old clothes and damp. I am going to try a couple of things to correct this and I'll let you know how it goes. he is very realistic though and I got him for a good price. Just hope I can sort out his discoloration problems.

In a hand crocheted moses basket.
His box and certificate are comind tomorrow and I'll be making a video of him soon.

New collection of Ashton Drake Minature Babies

Unexpectedly got this collection of ten minature Ashton Drake dolls earlier today. getting their boxes and certificates tomorrow they are so cute, will make a video of them  soon too.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dylan The Porcelain Baby Doll I Gave Reborn Doll Jointed Body.

Dylan was a large porcelain baby doll I got from my neighbour. originally the doll was a girl but I decided to make it a he and name him Dylan after folk rock musician Bob Dylan. I wasn't happy with the body he had, as porcelain doll bodies are an odd shape and designed to wear loose clothing. I wanted him to have a more realistic shape and to be more poseable, so I got him a nicer jointed body. He looks much better now and can wear a wider variety of clothes. Now he just needs some new eyelashes and a better wig and he'll look even better.

Lydia My Zombie Reborn Doll.

I actually got my first monster Reborn doll a few months ago, she was made by reborn artist Bean Shanine from the Twisted Beanstalk Nursery. She is a newborn sized reborn doll (18 inches), and is weighted to feel like a real baby. I absolutely love her and she is the most expensive doll I own, see my Instagram account for many more pictures of her.

Rare Ethnic Zapf love me baby chou chou doll

In her original outfit

Another addition to my doll collection is this lovely and rare ethnic baby chou chou doll. When she has batteries in she makes baby noises and kicks her legs, as well as sucking on a dummy or bottle. I've only seen one other one listed on eBay for around forty pounds so i was lucky to get her it seems. I decidede to name her Billie after the blues singer Billie Holiday.

She's made by Zapf and is from around 2004.

Vintage 70s Palitoy Tiny Tears Doll

This is the vintage 70's Tiny Tears doll I got recently, she doesn't have her original outfit or any of her accessories unfortunately. l have however got a pattern to make clothes for her, so she will soon have a whole wardrobe to model i will be featuring in a YouTube video sometime soon.