Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Early Eighties Sindy Annuals Arrived

The Sindy Annauls I won on eBay arrived today and I was pleased with the condition they are in, they don't have quite as many pictures of the Sindy outfits made that year as I'd hoped but they will still be useful. I did learn that 4 of the evening gowns for Sindy designed in the early eighties were designed by the Emanuels (the same people who designed pincess Diana's wedding dress) so I'll have to keep a lookout for those on eBay. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please Help Me Identify These Dolls Outfits.

You might think because you aren't a doll collector you won't be able to help, but if you are 70's or 80's child who played with Barbie or Sindy you can as that's when they date from. Please check out this short slide show and leave a comment if you recognise anything. You can pause it using the buttons at the bottom of the picture that appear again when you mouse over and enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.
And they open in a new window so don't worry if you are using Blog Explosion it won't effect your surfing. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Working On The Last Dolls Hair, And New Additions To My Collection

I've noticed a lot of people on youtube making spoofs of the American show robot chicken with Barbie dolls. I was thinking of starting one myself using Sindy dolls, and using more British humour (which is not what you think it is if you still think we like Benny Hill!) Would anyone be interested in seeing that? Do you think it would be funny? I would make it with the same kind of humour they use in Robot Chicken, just with a British slant. Anyway here are some pictures of the latest additions to my doll collection.

I have got a new addition to my Sindy collection, from the markings on her head I can tell she dates from about 1983 to 1985, so she's nearly as old as me!
The other doll in the above picture is how far I've got on re-rooting the doll in the post below, she needs much more work I've just been really busy lately.

And this is a pocahontas Disney doll my friend gave me as he knew I collected Sindy dolls, sadly he passed away shortly afterwards. I intend to try and restore her hair but I probably won't re-root her as it's quite a tough job and if the doll doesn't need it we quite often don't we just restore the dolls original hair.