Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Cream Maiden Shallowpool doll.

Here's The Dairy Maid, I love the bowl of cream she's holding.

I've just found out these dolls are called "shallowpool dolls" and there's a site detailing their origins, and the lady who maintains that site is going to add the "Isle Of Wight Series" to her site, I'm linking to it in my sidebar.

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Locusta said...

At last ! I have managed to ID a doll I bought from a Maidstone charity shop a couple of years ago.Last week I came across one that looks very like the Cornish lady,her dress is more of an old rose colour , possible due to fading,she has the muff though, but has been in the wars a bit.I already collect Rexard and Peggy Nesbitt dolls ,good excuse to hunt round charity shops and boot fairs.
I collect because I am fascinated by historical and national costume,I enjoy dressmaking and just plain nostalgia (I think I am old enough for that at 51!) So far I have about 30 odd dolls but with my son now at uni,they may just take over my flat........