Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Early Eighties Sindy Annuals Arrived

The Sindy Annauls I won on eBay arrived today and I was pleased with the condition they are in, they don't have quite as many pictures of the Sindy outfits made that year as I'd hoped but they will still be useful. I did learn that 4 of the evening gowns for Sindy designed in the early eighties were designed by the Emanuels (the same people who designed pincess Diana's wedding dress) so I'll have to keep a lookout for those on eBay. :)


sharie said...

Lucky you! I have the two on the right (plus one more) and am waiting to find the two you have on the left.
Collecting Sindy is great fun.

JAN said...

Hi - very excited to find your blog and realize you are in the UK. It is sometimes very difficult for us to find good info re. UK made dolls. Hope you will take a look at my blog from time to time too, and help us out with your comments, especially relative to UK dolls and collecting interests there. Arleen

mary said...

Nice post, I'm hoping you could post more, anyway , I found this website that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.

Barbies4Sale! said...

How Wonderful! I love those.