Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please Help Me Identify These Dolls Outfits.

You might think because you aren't a doll collector you won't be able to help, but if you are 70's or 80's child who played with Barbie or Sindy you can as that's when they date from. Please check out this short slide show and leave a comment if you recognise anything. You can pause it using the buttons at the bottom of the picture that appear again when you mouse over and enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.
And they open in a new window so don't worry if you are using Blog Explosion it won't effect your surfing. Thanks in advance.


Jemboy said...

Hi Nancy, I can't see the slideshow on my mini pc for some reason. If you e-mail me the pics I will sure try to ID them all for you?
Paul X

Afner said...


My girlfriend has some Barbies from the 80s for sale on ebay, some of the Barbies for sale are in her Blog:
But there are more, if you need more info about the Barbies on sale please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Check all the items for any tags and and labels and post photos of them. I don't recongize any of them, but I don't really collect Sindy or Sindi. I only have one that I picked up from my friend Franklin's estate sale.