Monday, May 23, 2016

New Additions To My Collection, Seymour Mann Vinyl Blonde Angel Doll by Doris Lee, And Wicker Dolls Pram.

I got her quite by chance from a local selling site for the wicker pram she came with, to display my porcelain dolls. She was listed as porcelain though she is actually vinyl.
It tuns out she seems to actually be quite rare as the company makes porcelain dolls normally and these vinyl dolls by them were only made for a short time. 
She came with her original dress which is very pretty, but not the trousers so you can see the soft bodied part of her legs. I have dressed her in this pink newborn baby grow for now. She is in the Baby Born Car seat in the photo she fits it well. She has jointed legs and arms and is meant to be displayed sitting and is 12" high when sitting.
She is very cute looking with good eyes and eye lashes, but her body is very stiff, and the cable ties used to put her head and limbs on are too wide and have sharp edges. I'm going to replace them with thinner ones, quite worrying since this doll was meant for children.

And here is the wicker Dolls pram displaying my two Alberon dolls Molly And Sally. 

I'll be taking better photo's of them all and making videos over the next few days, so stay tuned.

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