Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Two New Vintage Dolls.

I found a pair of vintage dolls on my holidays, can anyone help identify either of them? The one with the speaker has a pull string and says phrases like "please brush my hair", "I have a pretty dress" and "I love you mummy" "please hold my hand" and she laughs. She talks a bit too fast, I know this can be fixed, but I kind of like it as she sounds really creepy lol. She just has a number on the back of her head so I think she is actually just a knock off of "Chatty Cathy" but if anyone knows more let me know. I have heard she was possibly called "Kirsty" and came with a blue and white dress, but still don't know her manufacturer.
The other one with the sandy blonde hair looks a little later and she has "palitoy" on the back of her neck so will probably be easier to identify.
I have quite a few vintage dolls dresses at home so I will hopefully have something that fits them so they won't be chilly, they came with no clothes at all.

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