Friday, June 26, 2009

Sindy Waiting For New Hair.

Modelling on the new sofa that arrived today courtesy of eBay Sindy is just awaiting the arrival of her new hair which should come tomorrow, then I can begin re-rooting her. I think I may have damaged a few of the plug holes (the holes her original hair was threaded through) as when I pulled out the old hair some of the holes near the front of her hairline seemed a bit big. Apparently I can remedy this with glue when I put the new hair in.
Then I just have to get some more black hair so I can do her eye lashes and she'll be finished, sadly I got outbid on the 70's doll I was trying to get from eBay but I'll find more. This doll dates from the early 80's.
I'm also awaiting the arrival of a new sewing machine so I'll be able to start making new clothes for the dolls from the patterns I've had for a while now which will add a bit more individuality to my restorations.

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